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I am fortunate that I am friends with many of the studio owners here along the Wasatch front. I have been recording out of these rooms on a regular basis and can accommodate anything you might need.


These are my favorite rooms in town to record in. Between these rooms, I can accommodate any size group or project. They are listed from largest to smallest room size.

Funk Studios:

This is my home base and the room shown on my homepage. My mix room and overdub booth is upstairs in Studio C. Studio A, downstairs, is an amazing room with variable acoustics, four iso booths, 23-foot ceilings, and all the mic's keyboards, and toys you could imagine. Rounded out by an incredible SSL Duality, this room is built for flexibility.

Counterpoint Studios:

I was based out of Counterpoint for 5 years before I built my own studio and watched it being built years before. It is a really great room with two iso booths and a huge control room. I've lost count of how many projects I have recorded and mixed in this facility.


June Audio:

Owned by my friend mega-producer, guitar player, and genius Scott Wiley, Located south of Salt Lake City in Provo Utah, The amount of gear, guitars, mics, and keyboards, along with all his outboard gear makes this studio the audio Disneyland of Utah county. 


I have a large, well equipped mix room at Funk Studios. It is perfect for attended mix sessions of all sizes, and set up for mixing in Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and IMAX 6.0 or 12.0 formats. All of my mixing as of late has been in the box on my Avid Pro-Tools HDX 3 rig that I have outfitted with a vast array of plugins. I will also mix in other studios as needed depending on the project or client needs.

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