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I have been fortunate to work on projects for almost every major record label, major television network, and major motion picture studio in the United States.  I have recorded over 150 film trailers, 100 albums, and over 65 film scores of various shapes and sizes.  I am fluent in surround mixing and have mixed numerous film scores and albums in 5.1, 7.1, formats along with 6.0, and 12.0 IMAX surround formats.

The music that I have been involved in has been played in virtually every country in the world, and I estimate has been heard by over 3 billion people.  Quite a humbling experience for a guy from Utah.

I work in all styles of music ranging from film scores, video game scores, classical, jazz, big band, and rock. My specialty is large ensemble recording.  The more players at once the merrier. 

I was very lucky growing up to have almost every imaginable style of music being played in my house.  From my dad listening to big band swing, jazz, and classical upstairs, to my sister listening to the current pop music of the day down the hall, to my brothers listening to some of the greatest rock and roll ever made downstairs.  I truly had a very eclectic exposure to music as a child and it has carried thru to my adult life and my career.  There is not one style of music that I don’t listen to and appreciate.

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